WordCamp NL Proudly Presents: Coen Jacobs

It’s almost time for WordCamp NL 2015! On September the 26th and 27th, Utrecht will be the Dutch WordPress hotspot. In the following weeks WordCamp NL will present it’s speaker line up. In this post: Coen Jacobs

Coen has been working in the WordPress ecosystem for close to 10 years now. After having worked on the WooCommerce plugin for two years, he decided that it was time to expand his knowledge on other programming languages, frameworks and get a larger toolbox for his web development work.

Nowadays, he’s building APIs, web applications and sites on various platforms and frameworks. Some projects are better suited for a framework like Laravel, while others are a perfect match for WordPress.

THE TALK: The Love-Hate Relationship between Composer and WordPress

WordPress plugins have changed a lot over the last couple years. People who build larger scale websites, often try to push the boundaries of what WordPress is capable of. To make your WordPress plugins compatible with such larger websites, there are a couple things you need to be aware of. Performance testing, security checks and many other tools have become a standard best practice during development.

In this presentation, Coen will guide you through the issues that WordPress is currently facing when it comes to adopting technologies like Composer in your WordPress plugins. Composer has become the number one package manager in the PHP world, but is near impossible to implement correctly in your WordPress plugins.